Welcome to Christmas at Earlswood

As ever we’ve selected a wide range of Christmas decorations and gifts to help you turn your vision of Christmas at home into a reality.

Here you’ll get a taste of this year’s decoration colour themes, featuring everything from traditional Christmas baubles to tinsel, and a variety of novelty decorations including Christmas dinosaurs!

We’ve also got all the finishing touches covered too, with crackers, Christmas table cloths available by the metre, Christmas cards and Christmas gift wrap.

And if you’re looking for a beautiful tree, full details of our Christmas Tree range – both freshly cut real trees, and artificial trees, are COMING SOON! 

Christmas candles and wreaths at earlswood garden centre guernsey

Our Christmas Decorations Colour Themes

traditonal christmas baubles and tinsel at earlswood garden centre guernsey


Give your home warm, comforting and traditional feel with Christmas decorations in rich reds, shiny golds and sparkling silvers.

An easy theme to build up and add to each year with some new baubles and decorations. 

icy christmas colour baubles colour theme at earlswood garden centre guernsey


Hugely popular in recent years, achieve a more contemporary, wintery Christmas time with whites, silvers and some new blues including “winter sky” and “night blue”. 

Adding a touch of light “camel brown” can warm this theme a little if it’s a touch too icy for you!

magical christmas theme with gonks, fairies, woodland, mushrooms at earlswood garden centre guernsey


A newly created Christmas decoration theme featuring some of the highlights of recent years, featuring fairies, gonks and mushrooms! Revisit your youth, or inspire the little ones’ imaginations with this fairytale feel.

Colours include blush pink, pearl, a rich red, velvet pink and sage green. 

Further Christmas Products

In addition to our Christmas Decorations, pop in to see other Christmas ranges including:

  • Christmas Cards (Boxed & Single) and Gift Wrap
  • Christmas Floristry, including Oasis floristry foam in blocks and rings for making your own arrangements
  • Christmas Wipe Clean & Acrylic Tablecloth available by the metre
  • 2021 Diaries & Calendars
  • Make Your Own Christmas Craft Accessories
  • Christmas Crystal Art Kits